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    Placing Your Man Order

    Placing Your Man Order

    To help achieve your goal of having a healthy relationship, you should also make a list of the attributes that you seek in a mate. Although this may seem like a repeat of what you just wrote in the previous section, this is slightly more specific. Instead of writing a general statement of what you want, take it to the next level by being really precise as to the type of man you want in your life. This may seem like a mundane exercise, but you can have fun with it. Think of the exercise as your “Man Order.” First, go to a fresh page in your journal and brainstorm all of the qualities that you desire in your true love. After you have finished, review what you have written and divide the list into two categories:

    (1) must-haves, and (2) nice to have. If you want, make a second list divided into these categories and read the “must haves” section every morning and every night. Categorizing your list will help you get clear on what you absolutely need versus optional qualities that are merely appealing to you.

    Just as if you order in a sushi restaurant by checking off your choices, imagine that you have placed an order for your man. By having this information at the forefront of your mind, you’ll find it easier to select men because you are clear about what you want. You will quickly weed out the men who don’t fit your specifications and will focus on the ones who do. You attract what you focus on. You may be clear about wanting a healthy relationship on the subconscious level, but if you are not specific about what you want, the universe will bring any man who fits into that category.

    Bringing New Ideas Down to the Deep Mind

    Now let’s incorporate your new idea of yourself and what you want into your subconscious. You will begin to break through your old model and upgrade to a new experience in love through the power of hypnosis. As we work together, you will find that your hypnotic state becomes deeper and more profound each time. Read through the entire script, then close your eyes and envision the session in your mind. If you like, you can record yourself reading the script with a tape recorder or on a computer.

    Then play the session back so that you can be guided by your voice. You will receive great benefits any way that you do the session. If you need to go through this exercise more than once, that is totally fine. Some people find that doing it a few times really clears out the old baggage (depending on how much you have!). Other people can read through the exercise and start to visualize as they read. The latter method also works because you are in a trance state when you focus on the subject you are reading about. To achieve a deeper state of relaxation,

    I suggest that you really relax and close your eyes to completely experience the visualization. There are two inductions suggested on the next page. Feel free to use both methods to get into a deeper state, if you prefer. Remember to read through the exercise at least once before entering into the trance. After the hypnosis process, read the exercise addendum to uncover more about what you experienced in the session. For best results, please do not read the follow-up addendum until you have done the exercise.


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