State of the union, what is separating men and women?

what is separating men and women?
what is separating men and women?

The gender challenge

In the old days, the roles of men and women were well defined and certain behaviors were expected of both. In this modern climate of sexual equality and feminism, there is great confusion about the roles of men and women, and both genders are confused as to how they should behave.

Men do not know if, in light of this modern environment of equality, “manly” behavior is still appropriate or whether it will even cause offense. Is Will opening a car door for a woman be seen as an act of chauvinism? Will the woman take offence that this is a relic from a sexist era, or appreciate it as a polite gesture? Will a man paying for a date be seen as insulting the woman’s modern earning ability? Should everything now be split equally between partners? Should everything now be split from the cost of dates to whose turn it is to mow the lawn?

Women now feel empowered by the modern era of equality with vast career opportunities available to them. Women have more choices than ever. They are earning high wages, are financially independent and know that they don’t have to stay in bad relationships. Having worked hard and achieved much for themselves, understandably, they are looking for men who have done the same.

Despite all this, many women would still appreciate and prefer the simplicity of family life. Indeed even many successful career women would secretly still prefer to be a stay-at-home mum if they could, but feel unable to voice this preference for fear of betraying the “sisterhood” and giving up the hard gains that the feminist movement has achieved for them.

While women generally want to get married at some stage in their lives, men, on the other hand, have a much broader approach to marriage and commitment. On the positive side, they want to share their life with a partner and not be alone. The negatives include seeing women as superficial, who judge them on their level of wealth and standing, not on whether they’d be loving husbands or enthusiastic fathers. Besides that, the prospect of divorce can be terrifying to some men. and many are afraid of getting burnt so they decide to avoid marriage altogether.

Consider the case of Glen. He is well into his 40s, is a career professional, and financially secure. He should be at the stage in his life now where he is stable and should be looking to settle down. However, he has never been married and has no children, in fact he is terrified of it! Besides the potential for emotional trauma, his main concern is losing any part of his assets in a split, especially if there are children.

He has seen too many men taken to the cleaners after a divorce to want to become one of those, with some having to pay child support after either being “tricked” into fathering a child or as a result of a one-night stand.

In addition, he fears to have the emotional burden of being an unwilling father. So fearful of this happening to him in fact that he wants to get himself sterilised and seeks medical advice. He reckons by spending $1,000 on the operation now, he’d save $100,000 in potential child support in the future. Glen’s fear has become paranoia.

Don’t burn your bridges

Glen is a prime example of people, mostly men, being so scared of getting burnt by a bad marriage that they would avoid it altogether, and be willing to forego whatever wonderful things that could come with a successful marriage for the sake of avoiding a possible bad one.

Rather than becoming paranoid like Glen and choosing to be alone for the rest of his life, with the right partner there is no need to fear all the negative consequences of a bad choice because it will be right. With the right partner, we can enjoy all the benefits and advantages that would far outweigh going it alone in life. We will go through all the wonderful and vast rewards that a marriage to the right partner can bring, as well as instructing you how to go about choosing the correct one to bring those rewards.

You do face quite a few limitations in life when you go it alone, not to mention the sense of loneliness, particularly in your old age when there is no one to share your final years with. In your retirement you want to sit back and enjoy a life time of hard work and struggle. This is the time to be enjoying the fruits of your hard labor and the life you have built with your partner, to sit back and enjoy it together.

Without a life partner, you would look back on your life and see all you have done and experienced, and realise there was no one to share those things with along the way. Like a Article you wrote that no one read. Life with the right partner will certainly be better than being alone, without all the negatives of being with the wrong partner.